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V6 Lives!

Here’s the truth: If you have the current version of Java on your computer, All-In-One V6 will run, no issues.

Despite your past struggles or what you may have heard from panic-stricken doom-and-gloomers and other unreliable sources out there — and there are many, especially on the East Coast, huh? &mdah;, the V6 has never stopped working — and it never will.

Once you have that Java confirmed on your computer — and you can see what you have by clicking this link — we will take care of the rest.

Get that Java 1.7.0_67 on your machine, and you are in business.

We can have you back up and tonight or Saturday or whenever you are ready.

How? We will furnish a link for you to download an installer for your All-In-One V6 so that it will work in the usual and time-honored way.

What do you have to do to get this link?

Pick up your 2014 All-In-One V6 PARS PLUS update and it is done. That is all. Buy the pars for the usual price and the software is on us.

We believe in the capitalist system, but we are against gouging and usury. We leave those concepts to others who have that short-term thinking in their midst. We will play the longer game. We are here to partner with yourself.

So, friends, it is time to get back to your handicapping best and that means the All-In-One V6 with your 2014 pars so you can handicap those new tracks like BelTerra and Los Alamitos Thoroughbreds and Hazel Park. Yes, Hazel Park!

Again, get your 2014 All-In-One V6 PARS PLUS update for the usual price and once we see your order come through, we will help you with the rest. Just make sure you get that Java confirmed.

We look forward to helping you out once more.

Proof of Concept

If you are at all skeptical that the All-In-One V6 will run on your machine, here is a video demo involving a cheap, sub-$200 tablet machine running Windozen 8.1. Amazing. Who is this guy?

Proof of Concept video: V6 on Portable Tablet Running Windozen 8.1.

If this mope can do it, so can you.

Weekend Resources

Now, it is a big weekend coming up, lots of preparatory events for your Breeders’s Cup 2014 coming up.

Plenty of free resources to help you out to, even if you don’t want to support us commercially. We are here to help, at any cost or at no cost.

Every day on the Pick of the Day page, we dispense Live Longshots for NYRA, South Florida and SoCal racetracks.

Every day on the HiddenEntries Weblog, we alert you to which races around North America that we think offer good longshot potential; we also keep you informed of track-bias developments on the continent, plus pertinent happenings from the previous day’s action.

Most of all for you weekend warriors, the ‘Today’s Stakes Pageantry’ section will get you up to speed (and pace) on how selected added-money events shake down: chalk or shock.

Here’s a good example of what you can expect for your coming Saturday:

HiddenEntries Weblog: Saturday sample.

Social Media...Finally

Well, friends of racing, we are finally ready to stumble into the persistent digital state of the 21st century: social media.

We do not want to take over the world or beat our chests every 30 minutes, nor do we wish to bombard you with fetishized pictures or food or clips of felines on musical instruments. Oh, no.

On the other hoof, we do want to make your life a little easier, especially when it comes to alerting you to the latest content we’ve posted on our various platforms, such as the Pick of the Day page or the HiddenEntries Weblog.

That’s right. Instead of having to stalk our sites and hit refresh as you are waiting (or hoping?) that the first race from Belmont will come up, we will let you know via the social media. You can rest assured. You can take it easy.

Now, we are not going to do this via the Twitbook or the Facespace. For many various reasons, we have a healthful mistrust of both the Twitface and the Booker. One is advertisements. The other is getting tangled up in so many other feeds and so on.

So to make it clean and easy for yourself — as well as to honor our own longshot ethos and contrarian culture of going against the obvious and eschewing the popular and the ubiquitous and blindly doing what everyone else is doing — we are going to use a much-maligned but no less effective social-media platform. It is known as the Google+.

Please click here to join us on the Google+.

Then make sure your notifications are on.

What happens after this? We update our sites as usual, but then we also make a post to the Google+ that says the sites have been updated. And if your notifications are on, Google+ will alert you — via email or SMS text or both — that there’s some picks or information that you can check out. And it’s all instant.

Twitface and Booker are capable of doing this, yes, but we have our healthful mistrust of both those guysz, and prefer to use the Google+ instead. Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate it.

Also, you can keep track of our ongoing video offerings by subscribing to our channels on Youtube or Vimeo. We prefer Vimeo just like we prefer Google+: no onslaught of ads or other nonsense. But it’s up to you.

Please subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Please subscribe to our Vimeo channel.


OK. We’ve covered a lot of ground today. Here’s the summary:

If you have the current version of Java on your computer, your V6 will run with no problems. Forget prior struggles. Pick it up again! Buy the pars and we will send details on getting back up and running. Once we see your order come into the online store, we will contact you. 2014 All-In-One V6 PARS PLUS update.

Free resources, too: Pick of the Day page. HiddenEntries Weblog.

Social media signups (Facebook out! Twitter out! Too much ads, like Google+, Youtube channel, Vimeo channel.

As always, thank you for reading. Best wishesz at the races.

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