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October 18, 2014

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New Stuff

All right, all right, ya World Thoroughbred Championship enthusiasts! The top events are exactly two weeks away. Are you ready? Is your software tuned-up, ready to fire? Is your HDW account active and ready to go for the big days? Do you have the right advisory service coming to your assistance? Please make certain you are adequately prepared to take proper advantage of all the glorious opportunities 13-14 days from now! Read on for the full range of possibilities...

Breeders’ Cup 2014 Live-to-the-Minute Email Extravaganza: Scads of practical, actionable, down-to-the-wire advisories and information for a reasonable price. Information here.

All-In-One V6 Amnesty Upgrade: Ever own any of our software but have fallen away? You will be surprised, delighted and amazed at how much better it is right now at separating the best opportunities from the so-so ones. And in both cases, how it gets to the true contention straight away. Formidable, low-odds Triple Threat Horseys, plus wild, screaming triple-digit mutuels, are all within your immediate grasp with this tidy, neat and dependable software program. You do a couple of downloads a day via the built-in V6 file-fetcher and it pretty much does the rest. No heavy lifting, no mental stress or strain on your part. Hit a few buttons, and the legendary V6 output is delivered right to your monitor or printer. And with the ways we interpret the output nowadays, you will look at the game and approach it with greater confidence than ever. Save $300 off the full price — a discount of 60 percent. Information here.

If you’re not already active, get your HDW account back up-to-speed by calling (502) 570-0333 or emailing to the HDW Boysz.

Trainer Subtleties Combo Special: Crazy-in-depth studies of the trainers, like a genomic sequence! Information here.

Breeders’ Cup 2014: For the Workers

How can you do it? How can you land the monsters without busting a mental gut?

All-In-One V6 users are on the cutting edge. (Save $300 now — a discount of 60 percent!) They are able to view the great game of Thoroughbred racing and handicapping in a way that most others simply can’t see.

Even better, they can confidently evaulate hundreds of races each day and not even break a sweat. Better still, it only takes them a few moments per race to determine if things are wide-open and longshot-worthy, or else not quite so wide-open and instead more amenable to being won by the worthy favourites or some other low-priced horsey (especially when the fields are small, as they tend to be at the bigger tracks) and include them in fantastical pick 3s and pick 4s and so on.

For them, the software guides them to the proper plays based on their style. Now, whether you are safety-oriented and prefer low-priced runners or, on the other hoof, enjoy tagging $20- and $100-winners, V6 accommodates itself to your needs.

More specifically, the V6 output does. It points out races that are more to your liking. And then it points out the horses that dominate (short-priced faves) or the horses that have a chance (longshots galore). It depends on the race, and the V6 output is guaranteed to help you determine with reliable consistency whether the race at hand is likely to be predictable (faves up top) or wildly random (longshots from top to bottom can win).

But, of course, you’re like us and you like longshots best. These past 10 days have been a veritable longshot orgy. Don’t believe us? Here is some unsolicited third-party commentary:"

Of course, this fella is not even including the crazy Race 6 at Santa Anita for your Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014, A.D./C.E. That was the one in which the top-touted Cacica Dulima won and paid $108.20 up top.

Even as recently as last night, your Friday, Oct. 17, 2014, A.D./C.E. it was third-touted (Second Bonkersmate) Candy’s Gone winning straight at a $41.80 mutuel in Race 6 at Golden Gate. And it was another Race 6, this time at Remington Park, providing another fantastic longshot score: top-touted Zealous Vision at $47.40.

How is this done? A little V6 output and some mild understanding on your part. As you can see, it can be done. Even better, you can do it. Will you?

Indeed, whenever there’s something the V6 crushes, you’ll always get the lowdown on the blog. Indeed, your HiddenEntries blog and scan the “Yesterday’s Activity” sections in the “First Post” Wednesday-Sunday posts.

So, yes, your Breeders’ Cup 2014 is coming in 13-14 days from now. Prepare yourself the right way — and for the rest of your racing life beyond that. If you have ever owned any previous, old-timey Cynthia Publishing Company software, get involved for a fraction of the normal price. It's the All-In-One Amnesty Upgrade Offer. Check it out!

Breeders’ Cup 2014: For the Casualists & Other Eternal Lookie-Loos & Edge-Seekers

A good introduction for the most casual of the casual comes via this new product: the Breeders’ Cup 2014 Live-to-the-Minute Email Extravaganza.

Know-how, experience, expertise and the All-In-One V6 output come together for Racing’s Biggest Days. See how we delve into the vastness of the reports to uncover strong faves and fantastical longshots at the same time. Good for the unitiated, and even the grizzled veterans can pick up a new wrinkle or two!

Now, maybe we cannot produce those kinds of scores in two weeks’ time...but maybe we can! ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS! At any rate, we always tout at our top ability for you. We shall do our best. Of that you can be certain.

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